Need a break from designing your albums? I offer full album designs for any album supplier. My background in curatorial studies has helped me develop a well trained eye for design. For my BFA's thesis project I explored the curatorial discourse in relation to space and how individuals are affected by those decisions. I have found that this can apply to the 2-dimensional space and how we are affected by visuals in that space. This has led me to my love of exploring album design. I understand the importance of not just telling a story, but telling the stories of others. Although my style is clean and simple, I offer different styles of album designs to match your brand or style. 

I want to make the process as simple as possible for you. Send me up to 300 photos for the album and I handle the rest from there. (if you can't narrow it down, I offer culling services as well).
Tip: if you send me a small folder of favourites I find clients are satisfied sooner with less revisions.

Tell me a little about your brand and your style. I want to be a good fit for you. It's important for me to create something that fits in with your brand and excites your clients. 

My turn-around time is 4-7 days. From there you get one redraft, either for yourself or your client, so that we can get the perfect final product. Drafts are available for viewing online where you or your client can flip through the book and write your comments directly on the spreads.  

If you are ready to get started, please fill out a contact form. If you have some questions or want to make sure we are the right fit, feel free to email me at , visit my contact page or check out the FAQ .




 5 Spreads

 10 Spreads

20+ Spreads



Album Cover Design

Additional Rounds of Revisions
$50 / revision

Culling Services
 $0.10 / image

24 Hour Rush Service


If you have any questions or would like to receive a quote, please email me at or visit my contact page



What album companies can you design for?

 I can design a layout for any album company in Canada or the U.S. (Dekora Album Co, Kiss Books, Richard Photo Lab, GTA Imaging, and tons more) so just specify who your supplier is so I can customize size / export settings. 

How do I send over my files?

Send over the photos via dropbox, we transfer, google drive, an ftp server, shoot proof, or any other file-sharing program. 

What is your turn around time?

The turn around time is 3-7 days. When revisions are received the album will be complete within 2 days or less. 

What do you give me when you're done?

When everything is finalized you will receive either Jpegs, Photoshop files, Indesign files, or a PDF of the layout. After downloading the files, you can send them or upload them to the album company of your choice.

Can you design album covers?

I can definitely design album covers. Just let me know if that is something you need and I will have it available with the final layout. An album cover design fee of $50 will be added.

How do I prep my images?

1. Have them named chronologically and ensure that no two images have the same name
2. I recommend sending over 2 folders, "favourites" and "additional images" however I often receive one folder of selects.
3. Please have image resolution at 300 dpi and no smaller than the size of one page of your album (for example if you are getting a 10x10 album make sure the shortest edge of the photo is no smaller than 10 inches)

Can you design the album in my brand's aesthetic?

I know the importance of having a consistent brand and I want to be able to give you something that you can show of and others will recognize it as yours. I love collaborating with other photographers and creating something that is theirs, not mine. So in the contact form I ask you to tell me a little bit about your style or the way you like albums to look, that way I can give you a final product that really suits you and your brand.

Can I see a full sample of an album layout?

Of course. If you would like to see a full album layout on my online previewer I can definitely send that along to you. Just send me an email at to inquire.