Zoe and Kip at Allen's


I am not even sure where to begin, really. If you can imagine the most eclectic wedding you've ever been to, this one probably tops that. I think I should start with letting you know that Kip planned out their first look. He knew very early that he wanted to bike up to Zoe in front of a mural in the east end of Toronto that they both loved. Needlessly to say, he set me up to take some emotional and meaningful photos. From there we headed to Allen's, a bar on the Danforth, where they held their traditional Irish ceremony with ceremonial ribbon tying and all. There was bellydancing, burgers, and a Star Wars cake (made by Zoe herself). Not to mention they had customized Guinness inspired coasters with cartoon versions of themselves on them, a storm trooper helmet, and a Holga for guests to take photos with. Oh and on top of it all Zoe and Kip are an amazingly kind and generous pair. Their priority was to have a special day with their friends and family, doing things they loved - and they achieved just that. I am so grateful I got to be a part of this joyous day and to become friends with these two people. Every little detail throughout the day was carefully crafted and held so much meaning to Zoe and Kip, as well as their family and friends. The way they approached the day was a great reminder that a wedding is a celebration and you should create an environment that makes you happy.