DTLA Wedding at The Grass Room


One year after their sunrise engagement session at Underpass Park in their now home in Toronto, we all flew out to Los Angeles for Jackie and Skylar’s wedding celebration in beautiful Los Angeles California.

Skylar is from Orange County and Jackie is from North Carolina, they met at the National Ballet school in Banff, Alberta and moved across the country to Toronto to dance for the National Ballet of Canada. They decided to get married in Los Angeles, a place that has a lot of sentimental value for them both and was the perfect place for them to gather their closest friends and family for a joyous celebration.

Jackie and Skylar decided to host their day at the DTLA Grass Room, which is a converted greenhouse now turned wedding venue. Now, I’m sure you are picturing something very specific but this isn’t your average greenhouse. The Grass Room is located in the North Sea district so naturally it has a blue facade with a giant whale mural visible from the street. It has massive ceilings with site specific murals high up on the walls and themes of underwater life and a tropical jungle subtly incorporate all the aspects of it’s quirky history. The eclectic and modern design of the Grass Room is completely unique and every aspect of the space has been meticulously redesigned to tap into your imagination and bring you into a whole other world. It was unlike any other wedding venue we’ve ever photographed.

The bride and groom’s fun, easy-going personalities were reflected and highlighted throughout the events of the day. They started off the celebrations with their emotional (but hilarious) ceremony that had the guests laughing through tears brought on by the sentimental and deeply rooted vows. I always love seeing couples write their own vows and often when they go to recite them they both bring up the exact same reasons why they love each other and how much they’re looking forward to spending their whole lives together. It’s a not-so-subtle look into the intricacies and history of two people’s journey together and for Jackie and Skylar it was evident how they each played a significant role in one another’s growth and personal evolution. Those are real things that create a profound bond that naturally blossoms into a genuine and sincere love such as that of Jackie and Skylar.

There was truly, never a dull moment and I sincerely mean that statement. From the champagne tower that Skylar filled a little too full, to both of them trying to cut the cake through multiple layers unsuccessfully, they had theirs guests on their toes but laughing the whole way. It was a relaxed atmosphere, there was nowhere else to be and all the guests were present and soaking in this incredible day.

The high emotions were carried throughout the entire event and were capped off with some incredible live performances by their close friends and a special performance by Skylar’s little sister. Their friends did a duet to the song “Rivers and Roads” by the Head and the Heart which was powerful and gave you goosebumps. It was followed by the groom’s younger sister performing her favourite Taylor Swift song, which she was practicing over and over in the backroom prior to her performance. The bride and groom stood at the front of the crowd absolutely captivated and took in the unreal performances, singing along and tearing up while having the biggest smiles on their faces. It’s so clear that music plays such an important part in their lives and being able to have these live performances by those closest to them was really a culmination of it’s significance. Oh, and did I mention Skylar played a set on the drums as well? He was able to have his drum teacher from back in the day and his band perform at the wedding so naturally Skylar had to show off his skills. The crowd went wild and the night continued with a buzz of excitement and energy that elevated the party to legendary status.

There were so many small details that clearly held strong meaning to both the bride and groom that made their day unique and a true reflection of their relationship. There was a quote from their all-time favourite band the Lumineers on the marquee in the back courtyard, the vintage lounge space that reminded me of their Toronto apartment had a book from their proposal and a book from their engagement session to give it a home-sweet-home touch. These are all just a few examples of the way they were able to express themselves in this quirky, mythical feeling place, combining their experiences of Los Angeles California and their now home of Toronto into one ethereal atmosphere where everything just felt right.

This day feels like it was pulled out of a fairytale and sometimes I have to look back at the photos to remind me that it was all real. To put it lightly, the opportunity to fly out to California and experience this day is an unforgettable one. Jackie and Skylar, your wedding day not only lived up to the hype, but it without a doubt exceeded it.


This blog post is Part One of Two. My journey with Jackie and Skylar didn’t end after this incredible day. You can check out Part Two where we headed up the coast to Malibu for a spectacular bridal session a couple of days later.

Collaborating Photographer: Brian Bettencourt, 3B Photography
Florist: Eothen Floral
Planner: Ro & Co. Events
Accommodation: Hotel Covell
Venue: DTLA Grass Room
Cocktail Catering: The Whaling Club
Catering: Hungry Bear Catering
Coffee Station: Long Shot Coffee
Videographer: Cinema Life Weddings