Art Gallery of Hamilton Wedding


I’m thrilled I got to be part of this beautiful wedding at the Art Gallery of Hamilton. Having studied curatorial arts in University (and even curating my own exhibitions) I have a strong passion and love for art galleries and museums. Kamila and Anthony share the same creative perspective and appreciation as I do, which made photographing this wedding that much more memorable for me.

Kamila and Anthony are two people who love fiercely and have a huge support system behind them. Their day was full of surprises, tears, a ton of laughter, and an overflow of love, it was an emotional rollercoaster of a day.

Shortly after the ceremony we headed to the woods by their house to do some photos. Little did Anthony know, Kamila had a set up a surprise for him. As they followed the path through the forest there was a little table for two lit by candles and holding a very special bottle of bubbly. Kamila had so many stories of how Anthony had surprised her over the years with things she never expected and she knew this day was her opportunity to return the favour once and for all. Accompanied by their adorable pup Benny, they sipped champagne and laughed about how Kamila spilled it all over herself while trying to get the bottle open just moments before.

Although they had the largest bridal party I’ve ever shot, you could see that each one of them had an immense amount of love and support for both the bride and groom. Anthony’s best man even helped him propose in New York City by bringing down their dog Benny to surprise Kamila after he had proposed to her in Central Park (yes, another surprise!).

The bride and groom are both creatives and had a strong vision of what their wedding day would look like. The choice to have their reception at the Art Gallery of Hamilton was an easy one because they loved art and the spaces with in the Art Gallery created a unique atmosphere for their friends and family to get lost in. Most notably, the reception room gave them a blank canvas to work with which provided inspiration for Anthony’s custom artwork to cover the walls. Kamila is a painter, the aesthetic of her work is both whimsical and full of her personality, and Anthony was really able to incorporate her style into the vinyl that he designed for the wall of wedding reception area. The massive white wall was covered in pastels that mimicked brush strokes and mirrored the plants and flowers that were present in the room. It was a really stunning piece of work and brought a romantic, and almost fairytale feel to the space.

As close as their were with their bridal party, you could see that the bride and groom were just as closely knit with every single person in attendance. Their guests filled the Pavilion of the art gallery with a lot of laughter and a lot of tears. They remembered those who they wished could be present and celebrated the wedding day in their memory. Kamila and her mom shared an emotional first dance that had everyone giving them a standing ovation as they cleared the tears from their faces. The bond that Kamila and Anthony shared with everyone in the room made you feel like they were all truly one big family.

It was a day filled with unforgettable memories taking place in a beautiful setting, I couldn’t ask for anything more. I hope you enjoy the moments from Kamila and Anthony’s wedding at the Art Gallery of Hamilton.


Venue: Art Gallery of Hamilton
Second Shooter: Caitlin Free